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Atomic Links

Trinity Atomic Web Site Nuclear Weapons: History, Technology, and Consequences.
The High Energy Weapons Archive This site provides current information, technical data, and informative write-ups on the subject of nuclear weapons.
Nuclear Survival A comprehensive site including a great deal of information about nuclear weapons, nuclear survival skills, etc. The site also includes HTML versions of several US civil defence documents.
The Research Study Group This site aims to study and record the UK's Cold War defence infrastructure: e.g. radar stations, secret bunkers, communications networks, civil defence plans and propaganda. Their site includes a comprehensive description of the UK Civil Defence Programme of the 1980's, of which Protect and Survive was a part.
U.S. Nuclear Accidents
A large number of incidents mar the safety record of nuclear plants, facilities, bombers and ships. This site is a compilation of some of the known events involving nuclear devices and facilities.
Threads A 1985 British film about how nuclear war affects two families from Sheffield.
Threads Another site about this 1985 British film.
Civil Defence: You Duck and I'll Cover A site with details of the US Civil Defence Programme.
Duck and Cover Another archive of US Civil Defence Material.
The Bureau of Atomic Tourism The Bureau of Atomic Tourism is dedicated to the promotion of tourist locations around the world that have either been the site of atomic explosions, display exhibits on the development of atomic devices, or contain vehicles that were designed to deliver atomic weapons. 
Jayne Loader's Public Shelter Featuring scenes from "The Atomic Cafe" a superb film made entirely from nuclear test and propaganda films, military training films, news reel footage, radio broadcasts, and other sources.
Clay's Atomic Cafe Wav Page Featuring sounds from the film "The Atomic Cafe".
The Atomic Age at 50 Twenty-one experts reflect on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, their aftermath, and the future.
Fallout Protection: What to Know and Do About Nuclear Attack US Department of Defence leaflet from 1961 giving details on what to do in the event of a Nuclear attack. This is the American equivalent of Protect and Survive.
BlueWolf Survival Information A page of US Civil Defence literature. Scanned copies of old Civil Defence pamphlets, booklets, and books. The dates are various, but most are from the 1970's and 1980's.
Nuclear Survival Information This site is a collection of all the nuclear related information the author could find on the net for people searching for both survival and research purposes.
Public Information Films Public Information Films are made by the government to tell the nation about things they should know, how to behave and generally state the bleeding obvious. These include two films never transmitted about what to do in the event of a nuclear war (Action After Warnings and Casualties).
Come, Gentle Bombs Interesting thoughts about the effects of Protect and Survive and nuclear paranoia on 80s British culture by Andrew Rilstone
UK Civil Defence A site with comments on and a brief history of the UK Civil Defence programmes.
The Royal Observer Corps : 1925-1992 From 1957 the ROCs task was to observe and report the location and after-effects of a possible nuclear attack on the UK. They would report directly to the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation (UKWMO).
BunkerMental A site with details and pictures of some Cold War sites in the UK.
Cold War History in Manchester A site about the secret underground telephone exchange and tunnels under Manchester city centre. These where built to survive an atomic attack on the city.

Air Guns Archer Airguns The Leading QB78 Air Rifle, Parts & Accessories Internet Site
Ammunition Cartridge Information/Reloading Data
Ammunition Marstar Canada - C&R Rifles and Ammo
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Ammunition Fantastic selection of Ammo, Reloading, and Gun Supplies
Auction/Classifieds Arm Chair Gun Show
Auction/Classifieds Auction Arms
Auction/Classifieds Auctions
Bayonets Collectible Bayonets and Militaria
Bayonets Ralph's Bayonet and Military Anitque Page
Book Publisher ARMS & MILITARIA PRESS: Lee Enfield SMLE specialist Ian Skennerton
C&R Dealer Aim Surplus Firearms and Ammunition
C&R Dealer Allen's Armory
C&R Dealer
C&R Dealer Aztec International
C&R Dealer Centerfire Systems
C&R Dealer Century Arms - Firearms
C&R Dealer Classic Arms Inc.
C&R Dealer CMR International Firearms & Accessories
C&R Dealer EmpireArms
C&R Dealer Entréprise Arms
C&R Dealer F.G.S. Incorporated
C&R Dealer Hoosier Gun Works
C&R Dealer Inter Ordnance - Firearms and Ammunition
C&R Dealer J&G Sales
C&R Dealer L.C.Enterprises
C&R Dealer Marstar Canada - C&R Rifles and Ammo
C&R Dealer MCS Firearms: Curio and Relice items, including Mauser, Mosin Nagant, Springfield, and K31
C&R Dealer Military Gun Supply
C&R Dealer S.M.S. Guns
C&R Dealer Samco Global
C&R Dealer Sarco, Inc. - Guns and Parts
C&R Dealer Sinclair International - Shooting supplies
C&R Dealer Southern Ohio Gun - Firearms and Ammunition
C&R Dealer The Dealer Warehouse
C&R Dealer Tombstone Arms
C&R Dealer Used Military Rifles, Collectable Ammunition, Accessories and Military Related Items
C&R Dealer Wholesale Guns And Ammo
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Firearm Parts Rifle Parts and Accy.
Firearm Parts Cheaper than Dirt
Firearm Parts DS Arms
Firearm Parts FAL and L1A1 Parts
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Firearm Parts Hoosier Gun Works
Firearm Parts Huber Concepts (Sponsor) - Huber Anti-Friction Ball Trigger
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Firearm Parts Mad Dog Camo Stocks
Firearm Parts Mojo Sighting Systems (Sponsor)
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Firearm Parts Murray's Gunsmithing
Firearm Parts Northridge International - Parts and Ammo
Firearm Parts Numrich E-Gunparts
Firearm Parts Orion7 Enterprises,Inc.
Firearm Parts Parts and Firearms
Firearm Parts PLACER C.B.S. ( M1 GARAND PARTS )
Firearm Parts Poppert's Gun Parts - Ammo
Firearm Parts Rifle Tech - DC Engineering - SKS Parts
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Firearm Parts TAPCO (Sponsor) - Firearm Parts and Accessories
Firearm Parts Tennessee Gun Parts
Firearm Parts Tennessee Guns - Importer, Ammo
Firearm Parts The Sportsman's Guide
Firearm Parts US Armory
Firearm Parts Welcome to We specialize in parts for military surplus firearms. We are always expanding our inventory, so check back often.
Firearm Parts West Texas Armory, M-14, M-1 Garand, Ar-15 and other US rifles gunsmithing, parts and accessories. Your one stop shop for US service rifles.
Firearm Parts Williams Gun Sight Company
Firearm Parts Wolf Gunsprings
Firearm Parts
Firearm Software eBound (Electronic Bound Book): Computer software designed for the firearms retailer to replace the use of a hand-written, paper-based bound book, as required by the ATF.
Firearm Software NM Gun Collector Software: An automated method to track and enjoy your firearms collection.
Firearm Software PRICES: online firearms prices in a searchable database.
Firearms BWE Firearms: Gatling Guns and Custom Gunsmithing
Firearms Gun Showroom
Firearms Luger & Mauser Pistols
Firearms Old West Guns and Cowboy Action Shooting Rifles from USFA
Firearms RPG ESTATE FIREARMS: Australia's largest gun web site!
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Forum Cast Boolits Forum
Forum CSP Forum- Military Rifles
Forum FlyingLead
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General sells reloading and shooting supplies for guns.
General A Squared Armory: Distributor of Medieval Weapons
General Advanced Counter Terrorism Training – ISI: ISI Training Center provides the most updated Advanced Tactical Training to Police, Military, Government and Selected security Industry personnel.
General Annual Machine Gun Shoot that's open to the public. Complete with Machine Gun Rentals, Exploding Targets and full facilities. Safe and fun for shooters and spectators. Full Auto, Belt Fed, Sub Guns, Semi's and Pistols, all are welcome.
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General CMR Holster Co - German Axis
General Collecting and Shooting the Military Surplus Rifle
General Collector's Display Case Company... provides unique, inexpensive display cases for collectibles of all types.
General Collin's Ballistics - Swedish Mauser
General Cop Firearms: Firearms Training Firearms Safety, Firearms & Personal Defense Equipment
General Custom web design and development for firearms-related sites, including database work and handheld (PDA) integration. See our site for articles and related information.
General Dan's Sporting Goods Ammo Page
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General Elnonio's C&R* pages
General EZ Moon Clip.Com: This moon clip will last as long as a metal moon clip and you will not wear out your fingers loading and unloading the 45 ACP ammo.
General FAL Files Web Site
General FAL Info
General Falcon Fixer's Site
General Feather River Sport's Trigger Pull Scales
General Firearms Manuals
General Fr. Frog's Home Page
General Front Sight Resort, the world's premier and largest resort dedicated exclusively to providing you and your family with specialized training courses in self-defense and personal safety—with firearms or without.
General Gas Masks and Surveillance Equipment: We have huge selection of Safety & Security equipment for emergency preparedness like Gas Masks, Hydration Systems, Surveillance Equipment, Combat Boots, Gas Mask Filters, Fire Safety products and accessories.
General Gun Goodies
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General Guns For Sale: Hunters Direct offer discount prices on a huge selection of hunting supplies including firearms.
General's Kimber pistol page
General Haas Guide to Small Arms Ammo
General Helping Those Who Help Others - Ignatius Piazza & Front Sight Resorts
General Historical information on the SKS
General Gun safes, Vault doors and Fireproof safes
General Honeywell Sportsman Club - Interesting Mil-Surp Articles
General Scaled target systems for the firearms enthusiast. Free Downloads!
General Jaeger Platoon - Mosin Nagant info
General KY Imports and Firearms
General Lee Enfield site
General Love my Guns Electronic Bore Cleaner
General M1 Garand Training Diagrams
General M1911 Site
General M1-Garand Tribute Page - a tribute to the M1 Garand and the men who carried it in World War II
General Mad Dog Camo Stocks
General Mako Security Inc. is a distributer of high quallity security products, tactical equipment and a provider of unique Security Services.
General Mauser Central
General Mausers of Turkey and The Ottoman Empire
General MD Smiths Reloading Pages
General Midway USA
General Military Directory: Online portal military, army, helicopter, information and resources.
General Military School: Military school: military schools, boot camp, private schools and boarding school information for the cadet and parents
General Military School: Military school: military schools, boot camp, private schools and boarding school information for the cadet and parents.
General Military style dogtags
General - military schools, military school: A military portal featuring information about military schools throughout the U.S.
General Miscellaneous Firearms Technical and Training Manuals
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General Rifle cartridge info
General Rifles and Carbines: Informational Site in the Netherlands - Nice Graphics
General Rugged Sports Gear:
General Russian Military History
General Russian Mosin Nagant Page & Forums
General Shooting resources directory of Shooting related websites
General South Summit: We are the pre-eminent retailer of outdoor adventure equipment and emergency preparedness equipment.
General Strong Built: Hunting Stands Specialists
General Swedish Mauser Info
General Swiss Gun Collectors Association
General Swiss Rifle info
General Swords and - medieval armor replicas , swords , shields and weaponry
General The Lee Enfield Rifle Association
General The Outdoor Store
General The Sight M1911
General The Sportsman-Printable Targets,too
General The Unofficial P64 Resouce
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General Thompson Outdoor Supply
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General Homepage - Guns and Accessories II
General WWII Polish Army Historical Association, Chicago, IL
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Scopes/Mounts/Sights Williams Gun Sight Company
Second Amendment Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment
Second Amendment Gun Owners of America
Second Amendment Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Second Amendment
Second Amendment National Shooting Sports Foundation
Second Amendment NRA Home Page
Second Amendment NRA Members' Councils of California
Second Amendment Pro Gun Telecommunications Company
Second Amendment Pro Second Amendment Site
Second Amendment is an online effort by a retired Certified Firearm Instructor
Second Amendment Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute
Second Amendment The Stentorian's Second Amendment Site
Second Amendment Women & Guns
Second Amendment Women Against Gun Control
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